Juhu Beach in Mumbai: Revisited

f/6.3, 1/1000 sec, ISO-100, Focal Length 103mm

I remember visiting Juhu beach in Ville Parle, Mumbai, Maharashtra, with my parents and sisters during the childhood days used to be like a novelty. Although we didn't go there too often but it was fun whenever we did visit the beach. The waves plus the food from the stalls would be the most inviting parts of the visits. Also one of my aunts used to stay in Ville Parle. Most of the times we went to the beach at Ville Parle and only once or may be twice to the Santacruz portion of the beach. It used be quite clean and there weren't so many of those 5 & 3 stars hotels at the shore.

I revisited the beach last week. Quite shocking it was to notice that a big portion between the Santacruz and Ville Parle Juhu beach was loaded with garbage, mostly plastic bags. All washed out to the shore right near those new 3 & 5 star hotels. A posh and modern looking building on one side and a shore full of garbage on the other side was a very sorry state for a place which once used to be so beautiful.

But, as I walked along the shore from Santacruz towards Ville Parle, better portion of the beach began to appear and soon I reached an area near Novotel Hotel where the shore was really clean but due to high tide there was very less portion of the sand seen. A lot of people still visit these areas of the beach with family and a lot of people still do not understand their responsibility and duty about keeping the shore clean. Hope whatever is left of Juhu Beach, it stays as good as it is now.

Share some more photos of Juhu Beach here.

A common Kite in flight at Juhu Beach
f/5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO-00, Focal length 172 mm


Violent waves
f/5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO-00, Focal length 56 mm

Waves during high tide at the Juhu Beach, Mumbai

A little calm ...

Cessna 310 ARF in flight

This dog really enjoyed with waves...

Waves at Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Waves at Juhu Beach, Mumbai

The not-clean portion of Juhu Beach between Santacruz and Ville Parle

This is a really sad state


  1. The last 2 snaps look terrible! I hear this is pretty much the story of every once-beautiful beach in India.
    The pics of the waves are very lovely. I can almost hear their roar in the background.

  2. You did a great job in contrasting the beautiful and the despoiled areas.

  3. The last one makes me worried.
    Great captures.

  4. SO nice Clicks..But the last to snap really show the reality about our attitude towards Nature..

  5. Greetings, my friend! Nice to hear from you again. I appreciate very much your stopping by our blogs.

    I was scrolling down this wonderful series of shots (I do like the b&w) and thinking what a beautiful beach and then I came to the last shot! Yikes! That's just tragic. Some of our beaches become befouled also. But on occasion various groups volunteer to clean them up which is a great help. I don't understand why humans are the slobs of the animal kingdom!

  6. fabulous captures and while the first few snaps of the waves alredy reminded me of the filth .. there i saw them clicked as well .. Ariel snaps were icing on the cake !! very nice captures .. I confess!!

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  8. Some waves.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a nice evening.

  9. That IS really awful! How sad!
    I love the beach. My family went to the beach fairly frequently when I was growing up.
    I enjoyed seeing your photos of Juhu beach. The waves are fabulous. The garbage--not so much.

  10. The trash on the beach blending with nature is a sad combination that is unfortunately becoming a new vision. The waves and feel of the ocean you captured here are wonderful though. Great post and comparison.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, happy weekending!


  11. Such a beautiful area. I can see why you enjoyed going here as a child. I always enjoyed visiting lakes and beaches when a kid, too. But it's a shame that people despoil the environment. We have the same thing. Some of our trash is washed up from cruise ship dumps. In many areas along our east coast, though, volunteers get together and spend a day cleaning up the beaches which helps immensely.

  12. I always look forward for this type of information. Please keep sharing. Thanks.

  13. Juhu beach sound great but the last pic made me sad, but overall it's beautiful place, i wish i could visit..

    Captain for Desert

  14. Lovely shots - but so sad to see the rubbish everywhere!

  15. Awesome shots of the surf! It's sad to see the trash on the beach.


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