Indian Rose Ringed Parakeet

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Indian Rose Ringed Parakeet, a beautiful but noisy bird. We often see these in our garden as we have got an Almond tree (Indian Almond scientifically known as Terminalia Catappa) very close to our house. The parrots visit the tree almost every day during the morning for fruits. Their presence has never gone unnoticed as these birds really make a lot of noise. However, due to the large green leaves it is usually very difficult to trace the exact location of the bird, on the tree. However, I have often got a very clear view of where exactly the birds were and have been able to click some shots using the 50x optical zoom of Canon SX50 HS. Sharing some of the shots below. If you are an expert bird watcher, do let me know if these are female or Juvenile Parakeets. The difference between the male and female that I know is the presence of dark ring in the neck region of the Male. However, since even the Juveniles don't have the ring it is difficult for me to tell for sure whether these are females or Juveniles :-) 
May be you can help?

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  1. Absolutely wonderful series of photos, Bharat! Maybe you could frame them and hang them on a wall together. They would look fantastic. That camera is excellent.

    In south Florida, people bought small green parrots and then let them loose. They are all over the place now, and swarm and screech (very loudly) - they're enough to drive you nuts! :)

    But they're not as bad as the pythons people have let loose which are now taking over the Everglades!

  2. I just had a horrible thought! Did I get your name wrong? Maybe I'm just getting old and senile. I'll blame that.

    1. No worries :-) Your comments are as informative as your blog posts .... Thanks!

  3. Wow! Absolutely beautiful set of pictures, you did manage a real clear view and the witty captions made them even more fun! :)

  4. Magnificent birds and great photos for ABC ~ ^_^

  5. Almost like being in the tree with them, love the detail of the first photo.
    Joy - ABC Team

  6. is the noise IRRITATING or IRRESISTIBLE?
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

    1. Irresistible at it's best but can get irritating when you're concentrate on something else :-)

  7. Gorgeous!

    Internet is a Blessing

    Catching up with letter i entries.
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team


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