Canon SX50 HS - Extreme Close-up

A fly on a tree branch
With 50x optical zoom you would always want to try and get the subject as close as possible. I tried something similar on last weekend. Flies, spiderwebs, bees, butterflies and what not. Its amazing when you get to see the minute details of these little creatures. All of these photos have been shot using shutter priority mode to eliminate any camera / hand shake. The light was good so the ISO was always set below 400.

A close up of a spider web

A fly on a coconut leaf

A butterfly on a fruit flower

Most of the above shots were taken early in the morning. Usually that's best time when these insects are out looking for food and if you sight them, they can stay unmoved for long time on flowers, leaves and branches. Do share your views :-)

I've been using Canon right since I started with Photography and I also always recommend others to Buy Canon :-).


  1. You are putting your SX50 to good use! Flies are notoriously difficult to capture 'cause they don't stay in one place very long...maybe you're right about the early morn - getting them while they're sleepy. The trouble is I'm sleepy, too! :))

    1. Haha!! But small sacrifices may often get you big gains so once in a while....

  2. Love when people manage to get the insects and flies.... Quite inspiring....

    1. Thanks :-) My weekends are totally dedicated to experimenting with the Canon SX50 HS camera these days!

  3. Kalpesh nice photos. Can u share what settings for such photos. I have same camera and tried but failed. A quick reply would be of great help as I on a hill station for another 2 days

    1. Hey Karunesh, Are you carrying a tripod? If yes then

      In all the above photos I was about a meter feet away from the subject. From that distance, if you use the full 50x zoom and focus on the subject you will get good results even in AUTO mode. However, if light is good I suggest you use shutter priority mode with shutter set to 1/600 sec to 1/1000 sec or more with ISO set to 400/600. All depends on light conditions. Try taking shots with sun behind you and you will get good results.

      - TV Mode - 1/1000 sec
      - ISO 400-600 or try more if light is low.
      - Stay at a distance of about a meter or slightly more than that from the subject.
      - Keep your hands still and press shutter halfway.
      - Once the focus is right, press the shutter fully.

      Let me know if it worked and also share the photos :-)

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