Canon SX50 HS: Sample Shots - Part 2

Full Moon Shot Using Canon SX50 HS - Hand Held
The more I'm using the Canon SX50 HS, the more I'm loving it. And this is despite the few limitations that I had shared in my previous post. The filters are amazing to use. I loved the SuperVivid filter but have to mention that it doesn't render the true colors sometimes. It does make the photo more vibrant and one of those professional looking ones. The image stabilization is superb and can be seen in the Full Moon below which was shot hand-held. Do let me know your views!!

Decorative bells @ Red Chilies Restaurant Nashik, Maharashtra 

A Rock Dove

A Robin shot using SuperVivid Filter of Canon SX50HS

A female Rose-Ringed Parakeet

Help with a caption for this :-)

@Red Chilies Restaurant Nashik, Maharashtra

My Pet Baalu :-)
Another shot of a female Rose-Ringed Parakeet

A Red Whiskered Bulbul


  1. Beautiful images. I love the moon shot especially. This camera captures the rich detail found in nature.

  2. The moon is amazingly sharp for hand held and all of the photos seem extraordinary. Love the wine glasses, bubbles and colours. The background in the robin shot is great as well. It really brings out the bird..

  3. All fine pictures, the moon is amazing!

  4. Well, I am really impressed. Especially with the hand-held moon shot. What settings did you use for that?

    I may be back here asking for more advice for my SX40.

  5. @Lowell, Thanks. The settings were F/6.5, 1/400 sec, ISO-200. :-) I'll sure love to help with the SX40!!

  6. The only small problem I encountered so far is that I wish the body was slightly larger. It is quiet and smooth operating. I researched for weeks before I bought and am very pleased with everything so far. Doubtful I will ever have complaints. I am just a junior photographer at 63 and still have lots to learn. To see more info please visit


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