Canon Powershot SX50 HS: Sample Shots

A crow hiding between the branches
A crow hiding between the branches
So, my first favorite camera Canon Powershot A710 IS is all set to take a backseat. I've purchased a Canon Powershot SX50 HS and have been exploring the features of this awesome camera. Some of the pros and cons of this camera are:

  • Longest available zoom at present. 50X Optical zoom equivalent to 24-1200mm.
  • Nice sturdy DSLR-like looks.
  • A wide variety of shooting modes and effects that you can use to take pictures on different occasions.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Smart Auto Mode is good but it selects higher ISO in order to compensate the drawback of maximum aperture of f/6.5 and often resulting in heavy noise in the photos. This means a tripod will be a must in order to take photos at lower ISO and longer exposures.
  • I really miss an automatic switching betwen the LCD and the EVF. When I was learning how to use a DSLR, I really got used to the automatic switch between LCD and EVF.
However, so long as I'm not fully confident of carrying multiple lenses and a DSLR, I'll be happy using this long zoom Canon SX50 HS digital camera. Anyways, I'm not here to review the camera but to post a few test shots that I've taken over a period of past few days.

A flower pecker
A tiny bird in our Garden

A Flower Pecker in the Garden
A Flower Pecker??
Pigeon on the roof
A Pigeon on our Neighbor's Roof
The Moon 
Pigeons on the roof
Pigeons on our Neighbor's Roof
Tiny bird between the branches
Dried leaves on a tree
Dried Leaves of a Broken Branch Hanging from the Tree
A bird between the branches of a tree
A bird between the branches of a tree
Bird between the branches
Bird between the branches


  1. don't understand these technical details but these photographs look awesome! there is so much clarity!

  2. Hi Kalpesh,

    Wow, this camera does have some awesome zoom capability, it's almost like a DSLR. The click of the moon's surface looks surreal, I'm amazed you shot it with this camera. Looks quite sturdy too.
    Thanks for this review. :)

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  3. I am a sucker for photography. Though I don't know the ABC of it but I love a beautiful click. Beautiful shots! :)

  4. These pics are sooo beautiful!! and when its the nature's side I love them more..Wonderful clicks..

  5. Greetings, my friend. Thanks for your comments today. I'm not sure, though, what camera that young lady was using, but I think you are right. I bought a SX40 a couple of years ago and haven't had much luck with it but that may be because I don't know how to use it properly. I still use my Nikon D300 for most things. I also have a Canon S95 and I like that a lot. These are superb photos of the birds and I complement you.

    Hope that all is well with you and your family.

    I did check out your wife's new blog and it looks most interesting. Lois Anne would like it as she is a vegetarian!

  6. Hi can u tell me if it is better for low light pics also?
    Because most of d time we take photos indoor where light is little low.

    1. Hi, you definitely can't expect a DSLR type flexibility and quality but with use of tripod I have managed to capture some good photos.

      You may check these:

      This one is without a tripod in low ambient light:

      Hand Held:

      Shot in natural low light conditions:

      Shot in natural low light conditions:

      I hope these samples help you


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