A day at Karjat and Neral

Recently we'd been to the place of one of our family friends in Karjat. Located on Bhor Ghat, as well as at the end of coastal plains of Konkan, Karjat is a place where you can get close to the nature with all the greenery. It is really awesome during and a little after the monsoon. Recently there have been many resorts opened at Karjat which are good options for a weekend getaway near Mumbai. It is perfect for picnics, river rafting, trekking, hiking and mountain climbing. Our family friend's place is where I got an opportunity to click the below snaps of the lotus. The photos of the sunset and the hibiscus were taken at another beautiful destination which is close to Karjat. This place is called Neral. The drive from Karjat to Neral was cool with the view on both sides being really awesome. The roads however are full of potholes and you won't be able to drive above the speed of 20 kmph :-(

These photos were shot using Canon's A710 IS Digital Compact Camera.


  1. Awesome snaps..

    Keep clicking :)
    - DeepakKarthik

  2. Excellent photos. I particularly loved the third one - interesting angle.

  3. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  4. Beautiful shots, loved the sunset pics...

  5. I HAD THE DREAM again the other night, the "extra room" dream. It's very difficult to find your dream home in costly places such as Maharashtra. Neral and Panvel is going to be rising real estate places in maharashtra I am looking for dream yet budget flats in Neral


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